Earthing Queen Size Fitted Sheet - Ground Smart

Earthing Queen Size Fitted Sheet - Ground Smart

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This is the evolution of sleep.
Grounded sleep.
By using the Ground Smart Queen Sheet, you’ll allow your body long blocks of time, being grounded to the earth’s energy, (also referred to as earthing) so you wake up refreshed and feeling rejuvenated. Simply plug the sheet into the ground port of a wall outlet and sleep!

Crafted with soft natural cotton and woven with 927 yards of pure silver fibre, it’s unlike any ordinary bedding you’ve ever owned. Designed for all bed sizes, the Ground Smart Queen Sheet is discrete and effective for incredible grounded sleep. Evolve your sleep and experience the Ground SmartQueen Sheet.

What Makes the Ground Smart Queen Sheet Unique?

Hint: Pure Peruvian Silver

Unlike any other grounding method in the world, only Ground Smart uses pure Peruvian silver as the secret ingredient to super conductivity. Mined from a hidden location high in the Peruvian mountains, we've secured the most conductive silver on the planet. Peruvian silver is nearly white, lustrous, soft, very ductile, malleable, and it is known to be the highest conductor of heat and electricity available (you'll instantly feel the difference!).

Earthing this way means you'll ground more of your body's charge more effectively than with any other way of grounding!

It's Anti-bacterial!

Pure silver is also anti-bacterial and has been used since early civilizations to treat and prevent the spread of bacteria. Wound dressings containing silver have been an important aspect of healthcare for more than a century; soldiers in World War I relied heavily upon such dressings. Today, consumer healthcare companies like Johnson & Johnson and others offer their own lines of bandages and ointments that use silver as an active ingredient. 

Contacting it with your skin actually protects you from bacterial infections and helps prevent the spread of bacterial for your entire body!

 When you stop touching the earth, you’re not grounded anymore. The rule of thumb is to stay grounded as long as possible, and as frequently as possible. Which is why we developed personal grounding methods that work with your lifestyle today. They use the ground port of any wall outlet to connect you directly to the earth’s charge.

Our Ground Smart solutions come with a grounding lead that connects you to the earth’s energy. The lead is designed with two different ends; One to plug directly into the ground port of a wall outlet (it ONLY fits into the ground port) and the other that attaches to the connector on the queen sheet. Just plug it in, touch the conductive surface with your bare skin and you’re grounded as long as you keep in contact! 

 If you can’t spend hours walking outside barefoot everyday, that’s ok, because you do spend hours every night sleeping. Which is why the Ground Smart Queen Sheet is perfect for earthing. It allows you to stay completely grounded all night while you sleep; Long, uninterrupted blocks of time for your body to remain uncharged, so it can rapidly regenerate your cells, letting you sleep deeper and helping you feel more energized. 


The Queen sheet is woven with 927 yards of pure silver fibre and soft natural cotton and comes with a grounding lead 20ft in length. The connector on the sheet is reinforced with triple stitching for durability. Specifically designed for Queen size beds with dimensions of: 60in X 80in. 


How Grounding (Earthing) Affects Us 

Grounding (also referred to as Earthing) has gained popularity quickly because of the experiences people have raved about and the studies that back up the profound effects that have been noted.
Thermal imaging that shows how earthing reduces inflammation in legs.The image shows differences in blood cell activity and and thermal imaging for inflammation. The images on the left indicate conditions with a charged body before grounding and the images on the right show conditions after 60 minutes of being grounded. The cells before being grounded are clustered while the same cells after being grounded are spaced apart, allowing more oxygen and regeneration. The thermal imaging before grounding show areas with high temperature in yellow and red that indicate chronic inflammation. The thermal imaging after grounding shows the same areas with normalized temperatures in green and blue, where the inflammation has been reduced.
Thermal imaging that shows how earthing reduces inflammation in the face.
Studies have shown that maintaining zero charge in your body has profound effects. A chain reaction starting at a cellular level allows cell regeneration and reversal of inflammation(which is linked to having a charge in your body). It’s like revisiting how your ancestors lived and felt in a natural, grounded world. People often report better sleep quality, pain reduction, clearer thoughts, and increased feeling of well-being.







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