Ground Smart Earthing: Staying Grounded the Smart Way

It’s simple. Touching the earth with your body immediately grounds you. Being grounded stops inflammation and let’s your body flourish. When your body no longer focusses energy on fighting inflammation, it is freed up for other purposes like cell restoration and increased blood flow, among many others. You can actually feel yourself become healthier! Better sleep, deeper focus, reduced body pain and more energy is just some of the feedback we hear over and over. So you can literally go outside right now and ground yourself for these benefits. But, there’s a catch. Your body needs to be grounded often and regularly, otherwise there will be no benefit. Most people just can’t walk around barefoot for hours everyday, it’s just not practical. Which is why we created something that is. Simple ways to be grounded more often, to suit any lifestyle. We call it Ground Smart Earthing. If you’d like to stop inflammation and feel yourself become healthier, find out how grounding yourself the smart way can do that. Check out which product is right for you!

Why the Ground Smart Earthing Half Sheet?

  • ✎Designed and dedicated for grounding during sleep
  • ✎Sized to fit across any mattress (120″ long x 36″ wide)
  • ✎Stays in place for constant grounding
  • ✎Can be placed lower on the bed so it is not in view
  • ✎Options for one OR two-person grounding
  • ✎Reinforced ground connection
  • ✎20ft grounding cord with 100K oHm resistor
  • ✎427 yards of Peruvian silver carefully woven with soft cotton
  • ✎Easy 10 second setup for better, grounded sleep immediately

Why a Ground Smart Earthing Mat?

  • ✎Designed for universal grounding anywhere
  • ✎Sized for convenience and comfort (27″ long x 10″ wide)
  • ✎Crafted with natural rubber and Peruvian silver
  • ✎Can be placed anywhere you want to be grounded
  • ✎Watching TV, in your office, kitchen table, travel
  • ✎Reinforced ground connection
  • ✎20ft grounding cord with 100K oHm resistor
  • ✎Made with Peruvian silver and the key to effective grounding
  • ✎Easy 10 second setup for grounding benefits anywhere

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What people are saying about us and our products..

Earthing is Amazing!

I was sent this product to review for my honest opinion. I never knew about earthing until I tried this mat. Where has it been all my life? It comes with a wrist strap as well. I have joint pain in my hip and I started sleeping on this mat at night and it really does help! I really want to get more into earthing now that I have tried this mat. It is easy to use and makes you feel tons better!

Lyndsey Khaled

Restful Sleep along with health benefits

The product is fantastic for my poor circulation….the pain that used to awaken me at night has gone..i use the mat in bed and the wrist band when sitting reading or watching movies….great!!! extremely satisfied….even though at first i thought i had not receive a specific part, after contacting Moove, immediately they returned the request and answered all my questions, plus, they gave me some bonus gifts as well…not expected….thank you for great product and outstanding customer service!

Mossy Turtle

Nothing to complain about!

Much better quality than we expected, packaged well and shipped promptly. This covers our king sized 12.5″ thick gel-foam mattress with plenty of material to tuck under on both sides, and the silver thread is laced though out the whole thing so an ‘edge-sleeper’ is still grounded! This company has been very responsive to comments/suggestions and we will certainly buy from them again in the future. I should add that after 4 nights my ‘nightly’ lower leg cramps have been missing….THAT was very unexpected and VERY appreciated.

Larry Stevenson

Earthing sheet rocks!

It is an awesome investment for your health, all around. I had been going to the chiropractor for my back for years and would see them twice a week and now it is down to once every other week because I feel so much better after a week or so sleeping on the sheet. I have it positioned vertically so it is engaged with my whole body. I am sleeping better as well and feel i have more energy. It is amazing technology how it helps and I am looking to buy the smaller sheet for work as I sit on my feet all day at the computer. I will let you know how it will help me.



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